Helping Kelp

What’s happening to our kelp? Millions of people and thousands of other species depend on healthy kelp forests. But these forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. Kelp forests not only support marine biodiversity, they protect coastlines from storm surges, counteract ocean acidification, absorb atmospheric carbon, and play a key role in economically and culturally…

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The Gene Lucas Community Center

The McLean Foundation was established to support the people, arts and communities of the Eel River Valley. The McLean Foundation has developed a multi-facility complex that will provide venues for a variety of community functions. The center is sited on 36 acres in Fortuna, California and features facilities for seniors, youth and family programs, recreational…

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Adapting for Sea Level Rise

The City of Eureka is expanding and enhancing the estuary of Elk River, restoring inter-tidal wetland habitats on up to 223 acres of former bay lands. Since 2016, Greenway has provided technical assistance and project management to implement this effort.

The project involves multi-stakeholder coordination, design and construction of stream and estuary restoration efforts, and development of new public recreation uses.

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Sequoia Park Zoo Watershed Heroes

Greenway works with Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, Calif. as it implements its long-term Master Plan, establishing several new and updated animal habitats and immersive learning experiences. Since 2012, Greenway has worked with the Zoo providing planning, grant-writing, design and construction management for its projects.

The next phase of the Zoo Master Plan entails a Canopy Walk through redwood trees and development of a multi-species “Native Predators” exhibit.

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Backcountry Trail Development

In response to construction on Highway 299, the Humboldt Trails Council was able to partner with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to solicit funds from the state’s Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program to develop backcountry trails in the Lacks Creek Management Unit. Humboldt Trails Council was awarded the grant from the California Natural Resources…

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