The Challenges We Solve

We partner with clients and communities who are either facing or are trying to resolve critical economic, social or environmental challenges.

We develop successful projects and pair them with financing from community sources or impact investors.

We provide our clients with the technical expertise and leadership to design and build projects that meet the needs of the clients, the investors and the community.



The Tools We Use

Applying principles of sustainable design and construction, collaboration, and social responsibility, we develop projects that are not only achievable, they make a positive impact on the community.

We build effective teams, facilitate dialogues, identify barriers, design the right solutions, and navigate the entire process from concept to completion.

We invite you to explore our range of expertise and our project experience.



The Success We Create

We find that most projects fail because they start in the middle, skipping the most valuable first step: critical analysis.

Our approach focuses on getting the right people to work together, creating a design that works, and providing solid leadership to guide the process from beginning to end.

By establishing a clear project intent, providing consistent communication, and constantly advocating for you, we keep your projects moving forward.



Find out how Greenway can be the firm you need for your next project.