Make a difference to the people and places you care about most

What impact do you want to make?  

I want to help fill a need in my community

Filling a Community Need

Means taking the critical first step to see your effort succeed: define the impact it needs to have.
Once you’ve done that, build the right team of experts and influencers and watch the change start to happen.

If the solution is strategy, policy, or practice . . .

If the solution is to build something important . . .



creates the guideposts



creates the change


the impacts desired and the challenges to beat

identify community needs and assets, determine measures that matter, confirm outcomes and requirements for success


goals and strategies for realizing the impact

determine vision and goals, identify influencers and champions, set timelines and targets, build a team


the community that will be part of the solution

reach those most impacted, gain perspectives, define touchstones, communicate progress


lead the transition from idea to reality

evaluate possibilities, develop roadmap, create the story, build a platform for change

Are you ready?

find a better solution

We have seen too many good ideas fail. One way we overcome this is connecting with the community from the very beginning. It reduces the exclusion that often breeds resistance to a change and aligns the effort with community interests.

I want to design and build a legacy project

Building Something Important

Means having a team that can guide you through the complexities and challenges of the project's financial, community, legal, and technical needs.


to see your dream



to make it real


create a plan that brings the vision to life

define goals, determine requirements, strategies for removing barriers, feasibility, sustainability


see your legacy take shape

strategize uses, plan space, define design criteria, balance needs and wants, estimate costs, get to construction


create the place and space that works

logistics coordination, permitting, construction oversight, commissioning, close out


do what you do best while we handle the rest

schedule & budget management, team coordination, stakeholder & community relations

Are you ready?

make your difference

When you can say proudly to your community, "We made this happen," then we'll know we have succeeded.

I want my money to have a positive impact

Seeing Your Money Do Good

Means having the commitment to your purpose.

And partnering with a team that builds opportunities capable of achieving that purpose. . . with returns.


the impact you want



to make it happen

Define Impact

pursue the highest purpose

define portfolio needs, identify metrics, evaluate options for achieving impact


the place, people or purpose to serve

assess portfolio mix, gather range of options, set criteria, analyze & rank options


commit to seeing the impact happen

financial analysis, partnership agreements, debt & equity structuring, monitoring & reporting


expand the opportunities

program development, create structures to fit portfolios, evaluate markets, secure clients & partners

Want in?

join our network of investors

If the change you desire is to strengthen communities or environments facing critical challenges, or to shift the equity of financial markets, or simply to see your money used closer to home, there are some people we'd like you to meet.

I want to team with others who do good things

Being a Part of Building a Better Future

Means working together to achieve what is impossible (and not nearly so fun) to do alone.


other future-builders



to create leverage

Team Member

thrive alongside dreamers & leaders

align personal & professional goals, define expectations, set strategies for success & career growth, collaborate & lead


gain a stake in the future

develop new business, lead a business line, strengthen relationships, balance risk/reward, mentor & advise


bring thought leadership to the forefront

advise and give input, gain perspectives, engage in dialogue and strategy


create something bigger

consult or subcontract, be design-build associates, combine knowledge & resources, find strategic alignment

Put your purpose to work

Don't wait until you are ready to dive in to something new; if you know you can be part of the change, take the leap.

Greenway develops strategies and designs solutions to build future-ready communities.