We Exist to . . .

make our communities future-ready

  • Create profound experiences

  • Develop solutions to benefit all people

  • Care for people and place

  • Engage with purpose

  • Challenge the well-worn path

Our Team

is made of the good stuff

Our Partners

The partners set strategic directions for the business and ensure the viability of the company. They manage projects, staff and implementation of new initiatives to grow the business.



Kirk Cohune
"All truths go through three phases: First they are ridiculed, then they are violently opposed, then they are accepted as self evident."  -Kierkegaard



Fawn Scheer

"It inspires me to see communities get stronger when diverse perspectives are bridged and people have the opportunity to engage honestly with each other. ”

VP Design

VP Design

Jason Brownfield

"To create community we must create an emotionally resonant and socially beneficial space for the sake of others. We must look beyond ourselves.”

VP Construction

VP Construction

Matt Grosjean

"It’s easy to solve a problem that everyone sees, but it’s hard to solve a problem that almost no one sees.”

Our Discovery, Capital, Design, Construction Teams

We have licensed professionals, area experts, designers, managers, and coordinators that all work collaboratively to ensure that projects and operations are planned and implemented to meet the needs of our clients and our growing company.


The Work, People, and Projects We Choose

always align with our strategy

Uphold Our Values

Committing to “Greenway Approach” in all areas of business

Stating our values and goals often to build our culture

Always pursuing the better path

Mobilize Community Capital

Building capacity to bridge gap between projects and capital

Including capital analysis in all projects

Partnering with regional financial institutions

Maintain Design-Build Identity

Increasing presence throughout & outside Humboldt County

Pursuing design-build-own opportunities

Expanding reputation beyond a single discipline

Invest in People

Striving for diversity in leadership

Prioritizing professional development opportunities

Defining new ways to create equity value and profit sharing

Grow Equity & Ownership

Seeking new leaders to cultivate into owners

Structuring company for joint venture relationships

Expanding reputation beyond a single discipline

We exist to make a difference to the people and places we care most about by building the capacity of our communities to be strong and thrive long into the future.