Our approach is centered around a commitment

to forge the paths that lead to better outcomes for our clients and our communities

  • Work with a single-source of responsibility from beginning to end
  • Partner with a team capable of getting ideas developed, designed, funded and built
  • Invest in discovery to define the best way forward and minimize the frustrations of false starts and “do overs”
  • Integrate planning, finance, design, and construction for quicker completion with fewer mistakes
  • See your impact extend beyond your individual project

Planning & Project Management

Strategic Planning

Stakeholder Analysis

Organizational Development


Project & Master Planning

Pre-Construction Coordination

Construction Management

Public Relations and Community Engagement

Logistics & Budget Management

Design & Construction

Building & Landscape Architecture

Civil Engineering

Specialty Engineering Coordination

Conceptual Design

Construction Documents

Cost Estimating


Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

Master Planning

Bid Package Development

Construction Management

Schedule & Budget Management

Quality Control

As-Built Documentation

Operations & Maintenance Planning

Capital & Finance

Fiscal Planning

Financial Partnership Development

Proforma Development

Capital Stack Coordination

Budget Evaluation

Feasibility Assessments

Grant Writing & Management

Community Engagement



Action/Implementation Planning

Public Engagement Processes

Evaluation Strategies and Metrics

Mediating Difficult Dialogues

Restoration & Recreation

Environmental Planning

Regulatory Compliance

Civil Engineering

Landscape Design

Master Planning

Surveying, GIS & Mapping

Public Space Development

Feasibility Analysis

Community Engagement & Public Relations

Discovery Is

A careful, facilitated process that results in a common understanding of issues that affect project outcomes.

It is the foundation for meaningful and lasting solutions to the problems the project seeks to address.

Discovery results in an action plan that addresses project challenges and positions a client to create its desired impact in a community.

Greenway's process of discovery organizes and aligns projects to:

  • achieve your vision
  • be capital-ready
  • amplify organizational & operational capacity
  • avoid hidden costs & unnecessary delays
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