Redwood Sky Walk at Sequoia Park Zoo

The Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California is implementing its long-term Master Plan that will establish several new and updated animal habitats and immersive learning experiences. Greenway has partnered with the Zoo since 2012, initially providing project management, design and construction management for its award-winning Watershed Heroes project, completed in 2014.

Recently, Greenway managed the development of the Redwood Sky Walk, a unique and exhilarating journey through the second growth and old-growth forest that surrounds the Sequoia Park Zoo.  Conceptualized since 2010, Greenway has contracted and overseen various biological, ecological and geotechnical studies to identify the best construction practices to be followed to protect the health of these special trees.

Greenway’s role created significant value for the client. Our Principal, Architect, and General Contractor collaborated with the funders and client from the beginning, leading brainstorming, charrette workshops and design concepts with funding and finance teams in the room with other stakeholders. This process enabled us to maximize the project experience by designing to the project budget.  Our team led the project from its inception and was responsible for designing and constructing the first half of the Skywalk comprised of ramps, bridges and a free standing “Launchdeck”, and soliciting and helping the City select a  specialty design/build team for all tree attached platforms and bridges. Greenway served on behalf of the City as the Owner’s Representative for this portion of the project.