Working Waterfront: Eureka Cold Storage Evaluation

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Filgas
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Filgas

The City of Eureka works diligently to enhance the economic vitality of its local industries that depend on our coastal access. In particular, the City is interested in supporting the fishing industry's need for cold storage and ice production. The commercial fishing fleet that calls the North Coast home has not had access to such services here in Humboldt Bay since 2008. As a result, the fishing fleet frequents facilities in nearby ports.

To evaluate the market demand for and the commercial viability of building a new facility to meet these needs in Eureka, Greenway partnered with Lisa Wise Consulting, a firm specializing in working waterfront development, to conduct a feasibility assessment. The study included data from surveys and interviews with commercial fishing operators and industry specialists, evaluated potential development sites, produced conceptual designs and cost estimates, and described operational issues and requirements.

The study emphasized the need for flexibility of spaces (both in type and timing of use), and confirmed the importance of related supports, such as infrastructure, to enable a more successful operation. The study will be used to seek additional grant funding to further develop, and eventually implement, the concept.

Read the full study here: Eureka Cold Storage Technical Study