Our Mission

To be a regional leader in creating the natural, social and built environment in a way that contributes to community vitality and resiliency. Our core purpose is to guide our clients to greater success, adding value to their ideas by moving them from inspiration to better results.


    The Greenway team consists of people who can provide deep knowledge and experience within a specialty, as well as people who can tackle a range of problems through big-picture, critical thinking. We custom tailor our teams for each project, taking care to select the individuals from our staff who can provide the best leadership and support. We keep our operations streamlined and efficient, ensuring that only the people who can contribute to the success of our company are brought on board. To find out more about our services, please contact us.


    The partners set strategic directions for the business and ensure the viability of the company. They manage projects and staff, and implement new initiatives to grow the business.

    Kirk Cohune

    Principal, Project Manager

    “I love to work collaboratively, with my team and clients, to frame a problem, develop ideas for resolving it and then implementing the solution. I am most interested in working on projects that facilitate dramatic positive change for an organization or the community at large.”

    Matt Grosjean

    Partner, Design & Construction Services Manager

    “I enjoy working closely with clients, sharing their vision, and designing projects that meet their goals. Being involved from conception through construction confirms my commitment to the client, the team and the project; I’m there every step of the way.”

    Fawn Scheer

    Partner, Operations & Project Manager

    “It inspires me to be a part of developing systems and organizations that create solutions to social and environmental problems. I enjoy seeing community vitality grow when diverse perspectives are bridged and people have the opportunity to engage honestly with each other. ”


    Our managers ensure that projects and operations are planned and implemented efficiently and effectively.

    Sara Demetroff

    Energy Project Manager

    “My passion is helping clients realize the environmental and financial benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. I enjoy developing community partnerships that help clients and team members make informed design decisions. My vision is to live in a resilient, collaborative, net zero community.”

    Keith Barnard

    Natural Resources Project Manager

    “I enjoy taking on new challenges that allow me to work with a like-minded team of professionals to solve problems and help make the North Coast environment stronger and more resilient.”

    Nathan Sanger, P.E.

    Civil Engineer & Project Manager

    One of my life goals is to blend my passions for both people and the environment into the work that I get to do every day. I strive to listen deeply, understand clients’ needs, and improve my community by helping them create visionary solutions.

    Desmond Cowan

    Public Safety Project Manager

    “Our community is best when it’s built on strong, collaborative relationships. I want to work with groups and agencies to develop a shared vision and guide them to success, ensuring that all stakeholders are included, engaged, and supported.”

    Erin Ponte

    Landscape Architect

    “Work with what you have, where you are. Design should be creative and unique, but also sensitive and aware. Good design, successful design, reaches the senses while providing a sanctuary of beauty and functionality.”

    Kathy Moxon

    Capital Project Manager

    “I am inspired by the level of skill, ingenuity and commitment on the north coast—we are a collaborative and innovative ‘can do’ place. I am excited to make a contribution by unlocking the local capacity for communities to fund regional, sustainable solutions, priorities and projects as they arise—bringing capital home ‘from Wall Street to Main Street.’”


    Our coordinators track and analyze project details to support our project managers.

    Kristen Orth

    Project Coordinator

    “Our Northern California environment is special and cherished by its citizens. I enjoy working on the forefront of ideas where I am constantly learning and growing, and I am passionate about developing our community in a way that inspires environmental consciousness and promotes transparent, educated discussions.”


    The idea behind Greenway started in 2007, with the company’s three founders setting out to create alternative approaches to traditional engineering, planning and environmental consulting, with a focus on offering “sustainable” or “green” services and business applications. As we’ve matured, we have realized that “green” isn’t a doctrine or dogma for us, it’s an orientation, a piece of the community vitality puzzle that we work to solve.

    We’ve made Greenway a viable company, charting unorthodox pathways and developing diverse service lines. Though we’ve encountered numerous challenges along the way, one of the most frustrating is explaining to people what Greenway does.

    We manage projects in built, natural, and social environments that not only contribute to community vitality, but solve critical community challenges.

    That’s one way of saying it; but what does that mean?

    It means more than just overseeing construction projects or coordinating community processes. Sure, those are things we do, but our involvement is deeper than simply managing budgets and resources. At the heart of it, we guide clear processes that define ideas (dreams, goals, desires) and build them into real, valuable and lasting results.

    This requires a diversity of skills: mediating personalities, navigating regulations, coordinating interested parties, controlling variables that impact outcomes, managing public relations, and making our clients successful. So as we continue to grow our company, we build on those capacities, ensuring that our team can provide the expertise needed to make our projects happen the way we (and our clients) want them to happen.


    In early 2014, our team sat together to discuss where Greenway should be in three years.

    In this planning process, we said:

    • we would be proud of our progress and position as a company if we were known as a regional hub for inspired ideas, a noted project developer and implementer, and a creative force for positive change in our communities.
    • we want to become a recognized leader in top-level design and coordination services, working with clients throughout the northern California region.
    • we will work to shift the status quo of traditional project management to one that includes new approaches to partnering and engagement.
    • we intend to increase the positive impacts of our projects within our communities by emphasizing the need for improved processes of design, financing, management and implementation.

    Of course, getting there will require more growth (we more than doubled our staff size in 2014), and it will entail taking on larger-scale projects. To manage this growth, we are carefully assessing our staffing needs and enhancing our internal systems and capacities. We look forward to many changes on the horizon.


    Greenway is all about taking ideas from their seed of inspiration, to living, breathing creations. We are driven to make things happen that make our communities healthy, vital, and prosperous. Ultimately, we see our company producing work that makes our clients proud to call us partners, our team feel good about the work we do, and our community say “Wow!”

    As a company we’ve narrowed down our core values to be:

    • Serving our clients and communities

    • Working with our clients as partners

    • Keeping communication positive and constructive

    • Looking for innovations in our projects and approaches

    • Choosing projects because they reflect social responsibility and positively impact our community