About Us

Our Mission

[big_text][dropcap type=”round”]T[/dropcap]o be a regional leader in creating the natural, social and built environment in a way that contributes to community vitality and resiliency. Our core purpose is to create a pipeline of capital-ready projects that strengthen our communities. [big_text]

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[tab title=”OUR TEAM”]
The Greenway team consists of people who can provide deep knowledge and experience within a specialty, as well as people who can tackle a range of problems through big-picture, critical thinking. We custom tailor our teams for each project, taking care to select the individuals from our staff who can provide the best leadership and support. We keep our operations streamlined and efficient, ensuring that only the people who can contribute to the success of our company are brought on board. To find out more about our services, please contact us.[divider /]



[big_text]The partners set strategic directions for the business and ensure the viability of the company. They manage projects, staff and implementation of new initiatives to grow the business.[/big_text]

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[big_text]Our managers ensure that projects and operations are planned and implemented efficiently and effectively.[/big_text]

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[big_text]Our coordinators track and analyze project details to support our project managers.[/big_text]

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[tab title=”OUR STORY”]

The idea behind Greenway started in 2007, with the company’s three founders setting out to create alternative approaches to traditional engineering, planning and environmental consulting. The a focus was on offering “sustainable” or “green” services and business applications. As we’ve matured, we have realized that “green” isn’t a doctrine or dogma for us, it’s an orientation, a piece of the community vitality puzzle that we work to solve.

We manage projects in built, natural, and social environments that not only contribute to community vitality, but solve critical community challenges.

This is more than just overseeing construction projects or coordinating community processes. Our involvement is deeper than simply managing budgets and resources. At the heart of it, we guide clear processes that define ideas (dreams, goals, desires) and build them into real, valuable and lasting results.

This requires a diversity of skills: mediating personalities, navigating regulations, coordinating interested parties, controlling variables that impact outcomes, managing public relations, and making our clients successful. So as we continue to grow our company, we build on those capacities, ensuring that our team can provide the expertise needed to make our projects happen the way we (and our clients) want them to happen.


[tab title=”OUR PLAN”]

Every year, our team puts together a strategy that guides our efforts in business development, company growth and managing key transitions.

We confirm our vision, mission and core values.

We target key initiatives and assign accountability for getting them done.

We define targets for growth and evolution, and monitor progress toward those goals.


This year, our work is focused on three core areas:

Becoming qualified Design-Build firm for projects within and beyond Humboldt County

Establishing a capital sector of our business that integrates vetted projects with needed financing

Creating more value for our unique approach that discovers critical project barriers and defines successful project roadmaps



[tab title=”OUR APPROACH”]

We invest time to understand and decode your project’s vision. Stepping into your shoes, we develop a specialized team that organizes and aligns all aspects of your project so it can become capital-ready, avoid unnecessary costs and delays, and achieve your vision.

We discover, design and deliver.