Increasing Food Security and Sovereignty


The Hoopa Valley Tribe supported the re-establishment of a 15,000 sq.ft. grocery store on the tribal reservation adjacent to the northeastern edge of Humboldt County in Northern California.

The site planned for renovation is a building which operated as a private regional chain grocery store for 40 years before closing in 2016.

Although the store had been generating a sales volume in excess of $150,000 per week, it closed for several reasons, including a change in the chain's ownership, deferred maintenance costs, and a series of health code violations stemming from a lack of attention and maintenance of the store building. Since the store's closure, the residents of Hoopa Valley have had to travel significant distances to get groceries.

To successfully re-establish the grocery store, the project required a three-phase approach led by Greenway.

Beginning with a process of Discovery, Greenway's team identified the Tribe's goals, priorities, and key concerns for a successful project. One result of this process was the Tribe's decision to own and operate the store as a Tribal Enterprise. The Tribe empaneled a Board of Directors, and Greenway guided this Board through the process of getting chartered and establishing its operating procedures.

The Design phase used conceptual designs and design criteria identified in the Discovery phase to complete a formal design through construction documents. Greenway led the design effort, engaging both the Tribal Council and the newly established Board of Directors as decision-making stakeholders.

While the design was being finalized, Greenway coordinated a financing approach for the project, acting as a liaison between potential financial partners and the Tribe. The entity selected by the Tribe to provide the financing was a multi-partner group led by AEDC, a community development finance institution in northern California.

The renovation effort was overseen by Greenway's Construction Management team who coordinated activities and communication among the Tribe, the building contractor, the site contractor, and specialty contractors. Construction of the project was completed in 8 months, giving the Tribe a turnkey facility that it now fully owns and operates.

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