Fire House Facility Upgrades

In 2010, the Arcata Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) received a grant from the Orvamae Emmerson Fund to use for fire station upgrades. Four years later, AVFD, in partnership with the Arcata Fire District (AFD), is preparing to modernize and renovate their facilities. AVFD made the decision to continue its working relationship with Greenway following a facilities assessment project with AVFD in 2011 and a strategic planning process with AFD in 2013.

To ensure this project’s success, we are facilitating a collaboration between the Volunteer Department and the Fire District so that both parties’ interests are considered.

Our primary responsibilities, however, are designing, engineering and project managing the redevelopment of two fire facilities: the historic station in downtown Arcata and the McKinleyville Station. We begin with a preliminary design charrette process, which provides design concepts for desired changes at each facility, and we guide the decision-making process to refine facility designs and develop construction cost estiamtes. In early 2014, we began pre-construction phases, developing exterior concept sketches and creating a basis of design for the facilities. The Arcata facility was completed in the fall of 2015,and McKinleyville was completed early 2017.