Critical Infrastructure Assessment and Upgrades

Greenway has been working with the City of Eureka since 2013 on a variety of projects to evaluate, upgrade and enhance the City’s infrastructure in preparation for anticipated future demands and sea level rise impacts.

We started with a project to develop an integrated biosolids management program that will eliminate the current practice of disposing the biodegradable waste product in landfills. This is a critical project for the future of the City because a well-designed management program can meet the anticipated future increase of biosolids while saving valuable financial and environmental resources. Already, our team has helped the City with permitting and regulatory concerns and identified and coordinated the installation of new equipment, including a dewatering centrifuge. The next phases of the project include securing a dredge to remediate wastewater ponds and identifying agricultural lands that could utilize the byproduct as a nutrient application.

Greenway recently began another project to evaluate various scenarios for upgrading the City’s co-generation facility, which captures methane gas released from wastewater and turns it into energy to power the treatment plant. We are preparing a cost estimate for upgrading the equipment at the facility, and we hope to develop a larger project in partnership with the City that expands its co-generation capacity.

Finally, Greenway is partnering with Trinity Associates to conduct an assessment of the City’s critical infrastructure and evaluate the potential impacts from anticipated sea level rise.