Concept Visioning for Regional Economic Development

When Humboldt State University (HSU) needed a comprehensive concept proposal for a National Marine Research and Innovation Park (NMRIP) designed, we jumped at the chance. The NMRIP is conceived as a research and technology facility that would be located in Samoa, California, at the site of the former Freshwater Tissue Pulp Mill (see the final concept here).

Goals of the prospective NMRIP include:

  • Improving national food security by redirecting imported seafood consumption to domestic aquaculture activities;
  • Developing renewable energy sources through wind, wave and osmotic power (energy released from mixing freshwater with saltwater);
  • Increasing workforce development activities, especially those focused on sustainable development; and
  • Providing research and development opportunities in related industry fields for interested parties.

For this project, we prepared the proposal and information packets for HSU and Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District (HBHRCD) to use for conducting public outreach and identifying funding interests and partnerships. The concept design is the result of a collaborative effort between HBHRCD, HSU and Greenway, with creative interpretation by designer Julian Berg.

View or download the concept brochure here.