Kirk Cohune

As a Principal at Greenway, Kirk manages both staff and projects with a passionate advocacy for the quality of our service offerings and our clients.

He has a keen eye for talent and has built a great team at Greenway who collaborate effectively in pursuit of organizational and client goals. As a Project Manager, Kirk has developed a reputation for providing strong, insightful leadership for clients, guiding them to develop effective strategies, set achievable goals and ensure that project stakeholders are “in the loop” at all times during implementation.

His effectiveness as a Project Manager stems from his ability to work across disciplines to understand and convey sometimes complex, technical details to clients, project teams and regulatory agencies. He believes honest, clear communication is key to successful outcomes and he invests time at the front end of every project to ensure that a common vision and road map is shared by all project stakeholders.

His work focuses on positioning organizations for transformative projects and then managing implementation seamlessly. This process leads to a completed project with fewer delays, less cost and more buy-in from all parties engaged on the project. Kirk has facilitated dozens of working groups, public meetings and design charrettes. He is a proponent of “open door” policies that engage the community and interest groups on every project. His leadership includes successfully completed projects in Organizational Development, Facilities and Infrastructure Development, Restoration and Natural Resource Enhancements and Facilitation and Public Process Engagement.

Finally, Kirk has served as a consultant and board member to numerous non-profit organizations, including the Institute for Sustainable Forestry, Humboldt Baykeeper, Forest Stewardship Council, SmartWood, Making Headway and FILM Humboldt, the Humboldt County Film and Digital Media Commission. He has also served on the Open Space and Agriculture Committee, is a member of the Arcata Forest Fund Steering Committee and is currently a board member of the Humboldt Trails Council. Kirk completed his undergraduate degree and did graduate studies in Natural Resources, in addition to completing a California Professional Teaching Credential at Humboldt State University.

Kirk is a 30-year resident of northern California. He lives in Arcata with his wife Jenner.