Fawn Scheer

Fawn is Operations and Project Manager at Greenway. Joining the fledgling business in 2011, Fawn has enabled the firm to grow in size, diversify its offerings, and become an emerging leader in the north coast’s management and innovation sector.

She has an affinity for problem-solving, process streamlining, and creating workable and effective outcomes. She also encourages open communication and setting clear expectations. Applying these traits in her role managing business operations, Fawn ensures that the Greenway machine stays oiled so her partners and colleagues can focus on managing projects, building client relationships and making informed business decisions.

As a project manager, her approach focuses on identifying desired outcomes and addressing gaps and barriers to implementation. She improves communication between project participants and those impacted by projects in order to reach more desirable and viable outcomes for both clients and the community.

Professionally involved in the environmental management and education field since 1998, her past work built a solid foundation in research and communications, creating and designing tools for education and information management, developing grant proposals and project plans, and coordinating events. During that time, she benefited from close working relationships with numerous mentors. Now, she finds herself in a rewarding mentorship role with Greenway’s staff and interns.

Fawn is a trained facilitator, applying principles of the Technology of Participation (ToP) as one of her core approaches. She designs effective meetings, leads groups to clear decisions, and produces actionable plans for project implementation. Her efforts have created more positive and effective working relationships between stakeholders by developing common understandings, balancing conflicting goals, and improving communication.

Originally from northern Arizona, Fawn has also spent time working and living in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Arkansas, Kenya, the Navajo Nation, and California. She moved to Humboldt County in 2007 after graduate studies in International Agricultural Development at UC Davis. When not at work, she can often be found in a garden somewhere, in the kitchen, or spending time with her loved ones.