Chris Schinke

Chris is a native of Germany where he grew up and lived until he was 26. He began to seriously build things after graduating from high school when he became an apprentice as a pipe and reed organ builder. Finishing his apprenticeship with a journeyman’s certificate, he worked for organ builders in Santa Cruz, Calif. and Tacoma, Wash. Chris fell in love with California and decided to relocate to, and start a new life in, the U.S. Chris moved to Humboldt County in 2003, transitioning to the building construction industry. He later opened his own business, NorthCoast WoodWorks, a custom furniture and cabinetry shop.

A change in economy and physical health inspired a new career: IT services. Combining the design aspects of building with a love of technology and a penchant for drilling down to find solutions, Chris joined the IT team at Kokotat Watersports Wear. He spent five years at Kokotat developing many IT skills, but found himself missing the “building” aspect of his career.

Now filling a new position at Greenway – Construction Services Coordinator – Chris is back in the building trade, applying his years as an experienced craftsman and builder to Greenway’s construction design and management offerings. The position allows him to blend his love of building with his love of computers; he conducts field monitoring and oversight, as well as CAD design for construction projects. And when he is needed, he supports and troubleshoots Greenway’s internal IT operations.

When he’s not at work, Chris enjoys the expanses of the area’s roadways as a cyclist, plays soccer, and spends time with his family.