Strategic Visioning and Master Planning

Master Planning and Project Analysis, Redwood Acres Fairgrounds

  • Client: Redwood Acres Fairgrounds
  • Greenway Lead: Fawn Scheer
  • Project Dates: 2014-current
  • Key Services: Facilitation, Strategic Planning and Visioning, Community Engagement, Master Planning

Redwood Acres Fairgrounds is undergoing a strategic re-visioning and master planning process to define future development priorities for the organization. Greenway is guiding community members, fairgrounds users and Redwood Acres Board and staff through a process to identify potential uses for Redwood Acres as a whole, and to prioritize renovations and the installations of new facilities. This process will enable Redwood Acres Fairgrounds to make informed decisions on potential uses of the property that are in line with their needs for supporting their mission and generating revenue.

Greenway is partnering with Arcata Economic Development Corporation, a community development financial institution, along with Friends of Redwood Acres Fairgrounds, a non-profit support organization for the facility, and Humboldt Area Foundation. These partners are enabling progress in the master planning process by providing critical financial support for planning studies and stakeholder engagement.

Redwood Acres was established in 1937 to offer a diverse range of entertainment and recreation opportunities to the region. It continues to provide these services through their facilities, and is a significant establishment of Eureka’s community.