Infrastructure Decommissioning and Site Restoration

Requa Air Base, Klamath, Calif.

  • Client: Yurok Tribe
  • Greenway Lead: Steve Salzman
  • Project Dates: 2010-11
  • Key Services: Process Management, Project Planning, Construction Management and Engineering, Waste Recovery, Ecosystem Resoration
  • Project Parnters: Yurok Tribe, National Park Service, Kernen Construction, California Conservation Corps

Greenway provided the Yurok Tribe Watershed Department engineering and project management services to decommission the infrastructure at the former Requa Air Base, a Cold War-era military radar station. Following deconstruction and removal of over 30 buildings and a road network, we also coordinated the restoration and revegetation of several acres at the site. With the help of California Conservation Corps (CCC), invasive plant species were removed throughout the site, and over 12,000 native plants, trees and shrubs were planted. During this project, 300 tons of demolition materials were recycled and diverted from landfill disposal. Careful data tracking procedures were employed to endure adherence to tribal, federal and state requirements, especially related to hazardous and toxic substances handling, recyclable materials diversion, and storm water management.